DYS Kids in Schools


DYS Kids Yoga has been taught in New York City elementary schools since 2015. In collaboration with the school’s teachers, administration and students, we devise customized curriculums for children of all ages for short and long-term programs.

Our goal is to instill a love for yoga and movement within children at a young age, as well as empower them to work together to use their imaginations to create solution-oriented stories that help them process day-to-day problems, such as bullying, loneliness, or academic stress.

To inquire about how you can bring DYS Kids Yoga to your school, fill out the contact form HERE.

DYS Kids for Youth Camp Programs


Our fun, interactive and community-building yoga program for kids is the perfect way to give your children the opportunity to learn creative storytelling and theater techniques while falling in love with fitness.

We offer special one-day events, as well as customized, ongoing classes for longer-term programs.

Your child will leave this program:

  • Feeling vibrant and empowered to move their bodies in ways they never knew was possible

  • Bursting with joy from new and fulfilling friendships

  • Equipped with skills to navigate difficult circumstances with empathy, creativity, and optimism

To inquire about how you can bring DYS Kids Yoga to your youth camp, fill out the contact form HERE.

For more information about how to incorporate Divine Your Story™ for Kids programming into your school or camp, email divineyourstory@gmail.com.