"Eli held my leg as I stepped out of the headstand. “I found a niche in teaching yoga to non-yogis,” she said, brushing her hair out of her face. Now that’s what makes Eli unique, her drive to flip yoga on its head (and not just me on mine).

According to Eli, “Divine Your Story” is supposed to help people ask difficult questions of themselves. For example, “How much control do I have over my life, and how much [is] the universe driving the ship?” “It’s about empowering people to take charge of their life by teaching them how to write their own stories so that they don’t feel trapped in a narrative that they didn’t even realize they wrote,” she explained."


“Walker’s unique approach to yoga integrates the art of storytelling into her classes, which are meant to empower her students to deconstruct the hardships they’ve faced in life in order to find more joy and inner peace. Her “moving meditation” is called Divine Your Story, and it’s basically the most incredible, therapeutic experience that you probably never even knew you needed.”

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