Divine Your Story™ One-on-One Coaching

Divine Your Story™ integrates the art of storytelling and yoga to empower individuals to create a joyful life. Over the course of this program, you will be guided through an in-depth, step-by-step process to help you uncover truths about life stories that you tell yourself about yourself that don’t serve you. Then, utilizing monologuing and mindfulness techniques, we will work together to empower you to think more expansively about your personal narratives by providing you with new habits and techniques to develop rituals that cultivate joy. Finally, from a place of pure potential, you will re-write your stories, equipped with a sense of


Initiate: One Hour Coaching Session

Activate: 5 One-on-One Sessions

Master: 10 One-on-One Sessions



Due to the personal one-on-one nature of this mentoring program, there is no enrollment process. We both work together to determine a start time. This is not a cookie cutter program, it is an in-depth collaboration for those wanting to invest in their happiness and sense of self-empowerment to be the author of their own life story.


Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and what motivates you through a 1-hour astrological birth chart reading

Uncover false and limiting “truths” about your life and learn to identify them as “stories”

Choose 1-2 stories in your life to work on in our time together

Learn my Divine Your Story™ method to deconstruct and rewrite these stories from a more empowered perspective

Cultivate new habits that build a stable container for your life to house your joy

Achieve knowledge and tools to help you continue to choose joyful narratives daily after completion of the program


All sessions are held in my Zoom Room via video conference. Our time together can be recorded so you can be fully present without having to feel like taking notes. You also have full email access to me throughout our time together.

If you live in or happen to be visiting NYC, in person sessions are also available upon request.



An open mind and a readiness for new and healthier perspectives


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