DYS for Kids classes are one-of-a-kind yoga classes that creatively weave together mindful movement with imaginative storytelling techniques. They leave children feeling empowered to tell their own stories, as well as with the tools to recognize and communicate perspectives outside of their own. DYS Kids classes are a favorite for children ages 5-10 years. Each class is 45-minutes in length, and integrates traditional yoga poses with fun, interactive improvisation games, guided storytelling through moment, as well as a brief introduction to silent meditation. These events are a great choice for birthday parties and other celebratory occasions. We also offer customized, ongoing yoga programs for elementary schools and youth camps.

Private Parties


How it works:

  1. To inquire about booking an event, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, letting us know all the details of your child’s party.

  2. Choose a “party theme” from the list of options provided in the form below. This includes a variety of empowering children’s stories and games that our expert team of yoga instructors lead through yoga poses and creative movement.

  3. Someone from our team will contact you within 48 hours to set up a time to chat over the phone about logistics. This is when you’ll let us know things like, “My daughter LOVES elephants, we’ll have three kids who are 6 years old and one child who is 8, and also, one child struggles with English as a second language…” etc. The more information we have before the big day, the better we can create a wonderful and memorable experience for the kids!

DYS Kids in Schools

DYS Kids Yoga has been taught in New York City elementary schools since 2015 through a partnership with the non-profit Artistic Dreams International. In collaboration with the school’s teachers, administration and students, we devise customized curriculums for children of all ages for 10-12 week programs.

Our goal is to instill a love for yoga and movement within children at a young age, as well as empower them to work together to use their imaginations to create solution-oriented stories that help them process day-to-day problems, such as bullying, loneliness, or academic stress.

To inquire about how you can bring DYS Kids Yoga to your school, fill out the contact form HERE.


DYS Kids for Youth Camp Programs


Our fun, interactive and community-building yoga program for kids is the perfect way to give your children the opportunity to learn creative storytelling and theater techniques while falling in love with fitness.

We offer special one-day events, as well as customized, ongoing classes for longer-term programs.

Your child will leave this program:

  • Feeling vibrant and empowered to move their bodies in ways they never knew was possible

  • Bursting with joy from new and fulfilling friendships

  • Equipped with skills to navigate difficult circumstances with empathy, creativity, and optimism

To inquire about how you can bring DYS Kids Yoga to your youth camp, fill out the contact form HERE.


Q: Do the children need to have prior exposure to yoga?
A: Nope! We love beginners. We work with children of all levels, shapes, and sizes!

Q: Do the kids need yoga mats?
A: Yoga mats are not required. The nature of our DYS Kids classes are dynamic, and often involve jumping, dancing, and moving throughout the space, so, although yoga mats are a great “private home base” for children to come back to within the group, they aren’t necessary. That said, if you would like to purchase mats as an additional add-on, let us know, and we can customize and ship them for you!

Q: Are you instructors experienced enough to handle children with behavioral issues?
A: Yes! DYS teachers are highly trained and certified in working with children with a wide rang of abilities and skills.

Q: Does a parent or guardian need to be present for the event?
A: Yes! We find its best for both the teacher and the children of theirs a parental figure present in the space for the duration of the event. If you’re unable to designate a guardian, no worries! Let us know, and we can send TWO DYS instructors—one to teach, and one to assist.

Q: What should the parents do during the 45-minute yoga private party?
A: You can do anything you want! Join in on the yoga/story fun, observe from a distance, OR you can also hire an additional instructor to teach the parents Eli Walker’s legendary private “Vinoyasa™” class while the kids move and play.

Q: Do you play music?
A: Absolutely! Our instructors will come equipped with their own portable speaker, as well as a special kids’ playlist. (Of course, you can let us know if you have any special song requests!)

Q: Do you have any fun toys or takeaways you can bring the children to keep?
A: For sure! Simply request to see our menu of offerings.

Ready to book your next DYS Kids event? Fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you within 48 hours.

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