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Walker’s unique approach to yoga integrates the art of storytelling into her classes, which are meant to empower her students to deconstruct the hardships they’ve faced in life in order to find more joy and inner peace.

Her “moving meditation” is called Divine Your Story, and it’s basically the most incredible, therapeutic experience that you probably never even knew you needed.
— Elite Daily
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"Eli's words began to dance throughout her yoga instruction, her words were what I needed to hear in that moment. The statement that stuck was "get over yourself" (said in a playful and relatable manner). I immediately became present and looked at her. I wanted to get off my mat and give her a hug. A week of self-loathing and all I needed to hear was "stop"! Step away from being so self-involved, and BE! I'd been a helicopter mom, nagging myself for a week straight and Eli dropped in to tell that piece of myself, to chill out!
I'd gained much from the workshop."