Divine Your Story™ offers niche yoga classes, private workshops and retreats, as well as “yoga through storytelling” classes for kids. Each experience are structured much like a performance—with a beginning, middle, and end. In conjunction with mindful yogic movement, each class follows a loose script with intelligent prompts that guide students through thoughtful introspection, designed to inspire new, more empowered perspectives on their “life story,” and their inherent responsibility to author it.


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What people are saying…

"Eli Walker has shown our students how to quiet their mind, focus, become mindful and enjoy sessions of movement and music. Her work has made it possible for children in temporary housing to find a way to calm down and ease their nerves in an otherwise unstable home environment. Teaching someone how to find security and stability in the self is no easy task, but it is second nature to Eli. Whats more, through her work she brings our students to a world of laughter, creativity and fun peer engagement. I think there is no greater gift to others than to be able to show them that loves emanates from within, which is what Eli Walker does for children that don´t necessarily start out having it easy in life."
-Lillian Alonzo Marin, CEO and Founder, Artistic Dreams International, NYC

"As if going to Bali for a retreat isn't amazing enough, Eli took it to the next level. Her passion, skill and love for the practice of yoga is evident. Within a few short days of being there, I found myself raising to her vibration and settling in to what felt like a new mindset. Two weeks after, I still carry her words and my new mindset with me where ever I go. The whole experience was life-changing. Thank you."
-Chloe Millar
Photographer, Los Angeles, CA

"The Divine Your Story yoga retreat in Bali was exactly what I needed. With the chaos of everyday life, and the negativity that occasionally accompanies the mayhem, my week spent practicing yoga and divining my story not only gave me a new perspective on the messages that I give to my mind and body on a regular basis, but also allowed me to rediscover a positive perspective on my physical and mental health. I'm so thrilled that I treated myself to this experience that I now see, in retrospect, as a total necessity in my life."
-Zaina Cahill
Early Childhood Educator, Philadelphia, PA

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